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Employee Appreciation

Life at Hastings

For over two decades, Hastings Hotels, a family-run business, has been dedicated to developing its employees' skills and supporting them to reach their full potential in a safe and rewarding work environment. Hastings Hotels is committed to being the leading hospitality employer in Northern Ireland and understands the importance of the dedication of its employees and the support of its loyal customers in achieving this goal.

At Hastings Hotels, employees are regarded as the company's greatest asset. The Employee of the Month program was established in October 2017 to acknowledge and appreciate outstanding contributions of employees across all departments. This program has received a positive response from staff, who feel recognised and valued by the company. Additionally, the company recognises long service with a similar program that includes an engraved plaque and dinner for two at a local restaurant.

Hastings believes that work should be a place where employees can enjoy themselves. To support this, the company sponsors an annual social committee, which organises activities such as holiday parties, sports tournaments, golf outings, summer picnics, and charity fun days for staff members throughout the year. This social committee comprises employees from all departments and is led by the Managing Director. The company understands that happy employees are productive employees, and it wants to ensure that everyone gets some well-deserved rest and relaxation.