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The perfect present for every occasion

Our gift to you!

 Receive a £10 gift voucher* for every £100 you spend on a Hastings Hotels Gift Card in November. 

* Terms and Conditions Apply

Give the gift of luxury with a Hastings Hotels Gift Card which can be spent on any experience, and best of all it has NO EXPIRY DATE!

Choose between our Monetary Gift Cards or Experience Gift Cards below.

Terms & Conditions
Offer valid from Friday 1st November until 30th November 2020.
Offer does not apply to PDF download orders.
£10 gift vouchers must be redeemed between 2nd January and 28th February 2021.
Offer details do not appear on orders or confirmation emails. Relevant offers are applied to orders during the processing stage

Hastings Hotels Gift Cards

Our Monetary Gift Cards are plastic credit card sized cards which can be loaded or topped up to any monetary value. They are redeemable in all Hastings Hotels establishments and have NO EXPIRY DATE!
Monetary value Gift Cards can only be sent by post.

Stormont Hotel Experience Gift Cards

An experience Gift Card is for a specific experience in a specific hotel. They can be sent by post or email, (the method is selected at the time of ordering). Experience Gift Cards have NO EXPIRY DATE!

Post: A plastic credit card sized Gift Card will be issued for the purchase value of the experience (the amount will not be disclosed with the gift card). A postcard, detailing the chosen experience, will be included.

Email: A printable PDF voucher detailing the chosen experience will be emailed to the chosen email address with the order confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions