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Health and fitness tips for 2018
Health and Fitness Tips for Winter 2018
Posted on: 2018-01-08 11:36:02

Winter Is Here! And it’s not just the Game of Thrones fans who will feel that nip in the air at this time of year. When so many of us fall foul of the common cold or chesty cough there are a few steps we can take to help fight it off and keep in peak condition. Firstly, keeping even a minimal exercise schedule in between the partying and celebration can help.

Exercise helps regulate sleep patterns and rest. In turn, having the adequate amount of sleep allows the immune system to function more optimally meaning fighting off colds is easier for the body. In addition, exercise is a great stress-buster! With exercise being shown to reduce levels of stress (and therefore Cortisol – a chemical in the body that weakens the immune system and can be influenced by stress) and promote longer positive mood states, it is a vital part to maintaining a healthy immune system through the Winter.

Secondly, fluids (this does not include beer, whisky, wine or any other alcoholic beverage). Keeping the body hydrated is always a key factor in daily health. During the winter, common colds often cause higher temperatures and in some cases sweating. This is a vicious cycle that then deprives the body of fluids needed for function and can allow the cold to worsen. If you’re looking for a New Year treat to slowly ween yourself off Christmas shopping, Tracker & Motivation water bottles are the new fitness trend. They come with handy timing and quantity guides that make it easier to maintain a constant level of hydration, without feeling bloated or sluggish. Brands include HydrateM8, Hidrate Spark, as well as many independent retailers such as Tesco and Matalan designing their own.

Should your nose get a bit stuffy or a tickle develops in the throat – Hot Tea and Honey! Regardless of your tea of choice, the heat will open us the sinuses and the honey will help soothe your throat.

Finally, mum’s favourite for a cold, Chicken Soup. According to researchers, chicken soup is one of the best anti-cold foods available. Whether home made from a family recipe or canned from a shop, it is believed that the simple foodstuff aids in a similar way to prior mentioned tips such as fluid intake, clearing the sinuses through heat and soothing the throat. To accompany these benefits, the comforting meal also provides a number of ingredients the are high in nutrients such as fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. Doing a quick search of Tesco’s range – they have 41 different types of Chicken Soup so you’re spoilt for choice!

For further information on our Personal Training options at Culloden Estate and Spa call us now on 028 9042 1135.

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ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mask available now in the Spa at Culloden
ESPA Guide to Winter Haircare
Posted on: 2018-01-08 11:32:22Spa

In the colder month’s your hair and scalp can suffer just as much as your skin and body when the mercury drops and central heating comes on.

Exposed to the elements, over styled, pulled up and hidden under hats and scarves, follow our guide to enviable condition and beautiful vitality all winter long.

Over-styling, especially in the winter, can dry your hair and scalp making them more susceptible to damage. Helping to combat this, we suggest that at least once a week you apply Pink Hair & Scalp Mud as an intensively nourishing treatment.

Massaging into scalp and through damp hair before shampooing, leave for 20 minutes (or overnight if preferred) and rinse before your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Deeply hydrating and nourishing from scalp to tip, hair is left unbelievably manageable.

You could even add a little Regenerating Face Treatment Oil to your Pink Hair & Scalp Mud when applying, as recommended by one of our ESPA loving customers. Giving hair an extra boost of nourishment, your hair will be super shiny, luxuriously soft and incredibly healthy.

To purchase the ESPA Hair and Skincare products please contact us on 028 9042 1135.

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Care for your skin this Autumn with our ESPA product range.
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