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Hastings 'Go Green'

Hastings Hotels are committed to ensuring that we measure and evaluate our current practices, adopting the most effective policies to minimise our carbon footprint and adhere to sustainable practices wherever possible.

The Hastings Hotels Sustainability Policy can be read below, detailing our commitment to a sustainable future.

How will we do this?


• We measure and evaluate our current resource consumption practices, adopting the most effective policies and measures to minimise our carbon footprint and adhere to sustainable practices as far as is possible.

• Our hotels use a Building Management System (BMS) to effectively monitor and control the use of all energy resources.

• A number of our properties have installed Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) which generates electricity and recapture wasted heat for redistribution across our buildings.

• As far as we are able, internal and external lighting is LED and we have installed movement sensors to ensure lights switch off when not in use.

• Three of our properties have their own water boreholes which provides each property with its own water supply.

• We integrate environmental and social practices into our supply chain and partner with like-minded suppliers. Our locally sourced ingredients are 100% traceable and are hand selected by our management team to ensure that our guests are served only the freshest, finest, and most sustainable produce available locally.

• We are committed to our suppliers and ensure that we always pay a fair price that reflects the quality of the goods that we receive.

• We have developed & continue to implement a bespoke sustainability training programme for our staff, to help them better understand and tackle the issues surrounding sustainability and resource management and enable them to become champions for best environmental practice across our properties.

• 100% of our food waste is diverted from landfill, and instead is transported to an anaerobic digestion plant in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. Annually this helps create a net carbon saving estimated at 80 tonnes of CO2.

• All cleaning chemicals used within Hastings Hotels are environmentally friendly and free from packaging.

• We encourage our guests to help us along our sustainability journey by providing them with the
following services and facilities:

- A copy of our sustainability policy via the guest’s services manual

- Recycling bins are located across all our properties

- Sustainable water containers in each room to replace plastic bottles

- All hand soaps are paraben free

• We have introduced press reader at all our hotels allowing guests access to newspapers and magazines through their smart phones, laptops, or tablets

• We have introduced paper straws limiting the amount of single use plastic

• Most of our Hotels have their own herb gardens allowing our chefs to grow and use herbs in our food dishes and cocktails.

• We have a “Green Management Group” who are responsible for monitoring our actions across each of our properties