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Environmental Responsibilty

Energy Management

A number of our properties have installed Combined Heat and Power units (CHP).  CHP’s generate electricity and captures heat that would be wasted.  This heat provides thermal energy.  The hot water generated from the CHP replaces gas fired boilers to operate simultaneously.


At least 50% of our internal and external lighting is LED.  We have installed systems and procedures to ensure lights switch off automatically or are turned off when not required


Water Use

Hastings Hotels has a water management plan to allow us to measure and monitor our usage. 


Some of our properties have installed Bore Holes.  Water boreholes provide us with our own private water supply from our land therefore reducing our carbon emissions.



We are committed to integrating environmental and social practices into our supply chain and partnering with like-minded suppliers. We aim to reduce the negative environmental and social impact of our business activities by focusing on sustainable, responsible, and local sourcing of produce


Waste Management

In our efforts to educate our entire team we have engaged the support of our waste management suppliers to develop a training plan on dealing with all our waste streams in the correct manner.  This involves both a physical and visual education piece.  In 2021 general waste streams was a total of 350.8 tonne all of which was diverted from Landfill.  Our food waste was a total of 115.3 tonne which was treated in an anaerobic plant in Lisburn Co. Antrim which generated a total of 34.6 Kwh of Electricity.  This created a nett Carbon saving of 75.9 tonne of CO2.


Use of Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

All cleaning chemicals used within Hastings Hotels are environmentally friendly from packaging to the physical cleaning agent


Plastic Free

We have taken measures to introduce environmentally friendly guest amenities


We provide sustainable water containers in our rooms replacing the normal plastic bottle


All our hand soaps are paraben free


We have introduced Press Reader at all our hotels allowing guests access to newspapers and magazines through their smart phones, laptops, or tablets


We have introduced paper straws limiting the amount of single use plastic


Herb Gardens

Majority of Hastings Hotels have their own herb gardens allowing our teams to grow herbs used in the dishes and cocktails we create for our guests.  This also benefits our carbon miles because if we grow our own, we don’t require any deliveries.