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Prenatal Spa Treatments Northern Ireland

ESPA Spa Experiences for Expecting Mums

The Spa at Slieve Donard has a complete range of pregnancy treatments to help you relax and unwind during your pregnancy. From achy backs to fatigue, the body feels the effects of pregnancy most often in unexpected ways and we believe pregnant women need more pampering than anyone.

Our ESPA prenatal experiences have been specially created to pamper and relax an expectant mum, taking full account of the need for complete relaxation and safety for the total well-being of mum and baby. 

ESPA discovered there was an overwhelming demand for a treatment specifically designed for pregnancy rather than an adapted or watered down existing version. The prenatal treatment has been designed to take into account all contraindications and avoid the general use of essential oils during pregnancy as advised by the Aromatherapy Organisations Council.

Pre-pregnancy, ESPA’s massage treatments can relieve swollen or puffy legs, tone and firm skin, and restore energy levels.  Post pregnancy it will help smooth and firm the skin.

Take a day away from it all, unwind and enjoy our speciality pregnancy spa treatments for mums to be! Book your treatment now by calling +44 (0)28 4372 6166