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Explore Dunluce Castle when staying at Ballygally Castle

Dunluce Castle is located North of Ballygally Castle, on the Antrim coast. It sits dramatically close to a headland that plunges straight into the sea and was the headquarters of the MacDonnell Clan. 

Constantly fought over, it eventually succumbed to the power of nature, when part of it fell into the sea one stormy night in 1639.  It was abandoned shortly afterwards. 

While there is evidence that parts of the castle date back to the 14th century, the first record of it is from 1513 when it belonged to the MacQuillans.

Enjoy an audiovisual tour where visitors view animations of the castle’s structures rebuilt before their eyes, to create an engaging and immersive visitor experience. The Castle also provides an adults’ tour and a children’s tour designed to run simultaneously, allowing families to explore an area together but to engage with it on different levels. A ‘hidden treasure’ element of the children’s tour encourages younger visitors to explore the site to find resin-cast replicas of artefacts discovered at Dunluce

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