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Body Envelopments

ESPA body wraps inspire a true skin enhancing experience which includes skin brushing,
body exfoliation and a full body application with specific essential aromatherapy oils before
the enveloping body wrap of Algae, Marine Mud or Oshadi Clay. 
Ultimate tranquility is
achieved with a mind calming Oriental head massage. Choose from our sophisticated
menu of individual envelopments blended to meet your specific needs or simply let our
therapists decide for you.

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ESPA Detoxifier
55 minutes – £75
Helping to improve circulation, speeding up the elimination of toxins and excess fluid and cleansing the system.
ESPA Skin Hydrator
55 minutes – £75
Bringing intensive moisture to dry, sensitive or flaky skin, leaving it plump, hydrated and soft.
ESPA Immune Booster
55 minutes – £75
Perfect to combat the effects of environmental pollution, air travel and stress. An excellent balancer for the system before sleeping. An ideal boost when your body’s resistance is low.
ESPA Energy Booster
55 minutes – £75
The cleansing effects of marine algae combines perfectly with the refreshing uplifting blend of essential oils to re-establish a sense of well-being and inspired energy.
ESPA Body Toner
55 minutes – £75
Helping restore skin tonicity. This envelopment is ideal after weight loss or pregnancy and deeply nourishing and moisturising.
ESPA Muscle Relaxer
55 minutes – £75
Soothing and warming, and easing away tension and tightness in the muscles helping to improve mobility and reduce aches and pains.
ESPA Stress Reliever
55 minutes – £75
Stress comes in many forms, but comfort, warmth and a tension relieving envelopment will restore equilibrium, peace of mind and bring deep relaxation to mind, body and spirit.
ESPA Jet Lag Reviver
55 minutes – £75
When long haul travel leaves you not knowing what time of day it is, this envelopment uses powerful aromatherapy oils to either soothe and relax ready for sleep, or revitalise and energise leaving the mind clear and fresh to enjoy the day.